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an old book with flowers and plants in it's title page, which includes the names
an image of a violin and two other musical instruments on a blue background with ornate border
Band Stuff
Mumford and Sons concert poster
the paper kites logo with three mice in a boat and two birds flying over it
Music Inspiration: The Paper Kites
Music Inspiration: The Paper Kites
the paper kites poster is shown in orange and blue colors with trees around it
Livy Long
the paper kites woodland tour poster
Music Inspiration: The Paper Kites
The Paper Kites.
the poster for monsters and men's concert at madison theatre in new york, ny
Of monsters and men lyric poster - Google Search
an animal with antlers on it's head and the word mao in front of it
Gig Posters
There's probably been a more hipster poster made, but I've never seen it. The triangles are there, It just takes a second to see them.
a black and white poster with the words, the nbhdd on it
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the poster for mumford and sons'album, which features words written in different languages
Mumford & Sons Poster Design
Mumford & Sons Poster Design by Brooke Lehman, via Behance
the poster for mumford and sons's show at the theatre royal in london
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Mumford & Sons
two people are sitting in the windows of a building and one person is playing guitar
"One foot in sea, one on shore. My heart was never pure. You know me." Sigh No More, Mumford & Sons
the luminfers poster with an image of a fox laying down in water and grass
Gig Posters
The Lumineers gig poster by Nathan Roberts