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ig: stephbohrer
a book with the title zephr written in black and white on top of it
InterlockingRock® BLOCKS for Screen Wall Partitions
a wall that has some kind of yellow object on it's side and is made out of tiles
Concrete Sculpture
Concrete Sculpture by @borisipsum⁣ #architecture #decor #furniture #interior #product #design #art #concrete #sculpture #brutal #shadow
chrome zen
two white dogs wearing sunglasses and hats
an advertisement for juice is shown with fruit and vegetables in the foreground, as well as a hand pouring orange juice into a carton
Claudiofolha: I will design an image creative for your ad campaign for $350 on
an image of some type of poster with many different colors and shapes on it's sides
Key visual 1
two hands holding smart phones in front of each other with different pictures on the screen
BCLC — Lotto App — Three Key Visuals
One day I got a message from DDB Canada with an offer to make a key visual for advertising campaign of Lotto! mobile app by BCLC. The visual had to be very close to my Diverse Vacations one from my Five Projects 2015 post. So you can notice they are very …