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Master Third Position! Enhance your violin technique. Learn how to play in third position with seven different finger patterns.

Online Violin Education: Free Expert Violin Lessons for Adults

Welcome to Online Violin Education, where you will find violin technique and gorgeous tone made simple. TGood Violinists Study Smart

A Beginner's Guide For Month One Fiddle Newbies.

First-of-all. I’d like to congratulate you on doing/trying/contemplating your first month of fiddle lessons – be they with a teacher or online. Well done. You won’t be disappointed in a year when you’re busting out tunes like an (almost) pro. Secondly, I want to point out to you that I am also a first-year fiddler – maybe only a couple ...

Eggcellent Idea! — The Violin

The Violin Doc is in. Eggtreme problems call for Eggtreme solutions. Check out this creative but easy fix for the common cold of violin.

How to Play Well in First Position on the Violin - Online Violin Education

How to play well in first position on the violin by avoiding these common pitfalls. Get your strengthening exercises for first position! Play better now!

11 easy violin and fiddle tunes/songs to make you sound impressive

Easy fiddle and violin songs can be played in a basic manner and will sound really impressive after a reasonable amount of practice. It is the rhythm or pulse that is incorporated after you have learnt the tune or song that gives it that amazing sound. Being able to play beginner tunes with a steady beat is what you are ...

Exploring Shifting for String Orchestra - ready for purchase!

It's finally finished - my book for teaching shifting in string orchestra! I started working on this last year because I HATED teaching shifting in my orchestra class. The method books I used had shifting exercises for my 2nd year players, but I found that my students would get frustrated trying to play those pages because they weren't ready. Students need time to internalize the motions for shifting and they needed simple exercises to help them learn to read notes in a new position. I…

Common Shoulder Rest Mistakes - Plucky Violin Teacher

Helping my students find the right shoulder rest and chin rest is one of the most important jobs I do as a violin teacher. Here are the things I look for.

Best Violin Concertos for Beginners — The Violin

These are the best concertos for beginner violinist! See which ones made it into my top five and why I believe every violinist needs concertos in their life. This post is guaranteed to pump up beginner violinists, take advanced players on a trip down memory lane, and make anyone who ever quite playing wish they hadn't.

Top 10 Violin Left Hand Mistakes

Here's a compilation of the top 10 most common mistakes that occurs in the left hand. Think of it as a check list of things to correct during your practice. ...

A stroke of inspiration - helping students play on the tips of their fingers

Today during our warm-ups I was checking left hand position and reminding students about playing on the tips of their fingers to achieve better intonation. One of my students raised her hand and told me that she cut her finger and had a band-aid wrapped around the top of her finger so she was forced stay on her fingertips. Genius! I got some scotch tape and I let students try it - we wrapped a few fingertips with tape and they played while focusing on excellent left hand position. You should…

How to Do Vibrato on a Violin

Vibrato is an intermediate playing technique that adds another level of artistry and emotion to the violin. Before you start learning vibrato, you should be comfortable with first and third positions and be able to switch between them with...

Shifting (Beginner)

Each shift consists of three motions: Lift Shift Drop No pressure between thumb and knuckle of the first finger

How to Clean a Violin Bow: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

The bow is a very important part of the violin; without it, you would need to play pizzicato all the time. Here are some ways to keep your violin bow like new. After you're done playing, loosen...

7 Tools to Help Beginner Fiddlers/Violinists. - The New Fiddler

Thank the fiddler gods for the internet, because nowadays there are so many different tools available for the new violin enthusiast. You can buy a thing that goes on the bridge of your fiddle and it helps you keep a straight bowing technique. If you are having problems with your bow grip – no worries, buy a fish mount. It ...