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Super Improvers

How I use the Super Improvers Wall:)

Last year was the first time I used Whole Brain Teaching. I didn't use the Super Improvers Wall, but instead used a ton of other classroom management strategies. I realized I had TOO many rewards, incentives, points, prizes, (you get the picture) going on. I always forgot to do one thing or the other. So my goal this year was to really focus on one positive management plan! I have been using the SIW tied with my weekly behavior sheet! So far... this was the best week yet:) Since I was loving…

writing for all age levels.....Whole Brain Teaching: Amazing Kindergarten Writing! - YouTube

Whole Brain Teaching: Amazing Kindergarten Writing!

Watch in amazement as Andrea Schindler's inner city, San Bernardino, California kindergarteners demonstrate all the steps necessary for them to produce five ...

whole brain teaching rules and super improver wall cards

Freebies and Birthday/Back to School Sale!

The last few days have been super busy! As I'm sure it is for all of you... back to school is here and I'm checking things off my to do li...

Meador in the Middle with WBT: What to do on the first day of school?

What to do on the first day of school?

The hardest part of any journey is the first step. The same is true with implementing any new technique or strategy in your classroom. Change is hard. The unknown can be scary. But there's no reward for those risks not taken. So... if you are thinking of using WBT in your classroom next year...make the decision to JUST DO IT! :) The community of Whole Brain Teachers around the world is the most supportive and helpful group of people that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. There…

Coach B's guest post at Corkboard Connections on Rule 1 & The Secret to Lightning Fast Classroom Transitions

The Secret to Lightning Fast Classroom Transitions

Corkboard Connections is a blog written by Laura Candler who enjoys connecting terrific teachers with amazing resources!

WBT's Classroom-Transforming Rules from Corkboard Connections

WBT's Classroom-Transforming Rules

Corkboard Connections is a blog written by Laura Candler who enjoys connecting terrific teachers with amazing resources!

Whole Brain Teaching - First Hour Cue Cards on TpT from Deanna Schuler

Whole Brain Teaching - First Hour Cue Cards

I thought of this idea during Tuesday's (7/24/12) Whole Brain Teaching webcast (Program 532) about the First Hour of the First Day! So many people kept saying they were afraid they would forget something. So here is my solution. These cards a script based off the webcast. WBT - First Hour Cue Car...

Great post with a freebie for The Scoreboard from Whole Brain Teaching With Style

Book Club - Chapter 11 The Scoreboard

To start at the beginning of this book club with me: Buy the book Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids Read about Chapters 1 & 2 here Read about Chapters 3 & 4 here Read about Chapter 5 here Read about Chapter 6 here Read about Chapter 7 here Read about Chapters 8-10 here Join the Official Book Study here The Scoreboard is WBT's classroom management tool. They don't use clip charts, stoplights, or card-pulling systems. They don't use stickers charts, prize boxes, or classroom money…

Super Improver Wall Level Headers Kid Theme free from TPT

Super Improver Wall Level Headers Kid Theme

Need a theme for your WBT Super Improver Wall? Why not use cute kids? The following 10 levels/colors are included: Beginner - White Learner - Green Leader - Light Blue Captain - Yellow Whiz Kid - Red or M.V.K. (additional choice) Specialist - Purple Pro - Brown Super Star - Black Master Mind - Dar...

Whole Brain Teaching Rules

Whole Brain Teaching Rules

Do you want a better way to run your classroom? I have been researching Whole Brain Teaching (WBT). I have found that it is very inspiring way to teach because the students are actively involved in their learning. I have started learning about WBT through the website and by watching some of the video clips. I just loving learning more ways to improve my teaching and help me become the best teacher I can be. Don’t you? This video is about the rules WBT has in the classroom. These rules are…

Transitional Kinder with MrsO

Browse educational resources created by Transitional Kinder with MrsO in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

My Whole Brain Teaching Blog

My Whole Brain Teaching Blog

Whole Brain Teaching - a new, innovative way to teach. This blog documents how I use Whole Brain Teaching in my Grade 1 classroom.

WBT Sub Sheet that reviews Core 4 from WBT Executive Board Member Deb Weigel

WBT Sub Sheet, Quick Reference

I am often asked, "What do you do for a sub?" One of the wonderful things about Whole Brain Teaching is that our students know the procedures so well, they often help the sub! I just updated my quick reference quick to align with the Core Four, and it will be going in our teacher's sub folders at our school. Here is what I included in the updated version: Click here to download the file: Your sub will beg to return to your class! Blessings, Deb