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I used this to depict my beginning of a career in the food industry. It represents my status within a specific part of region, be it head chef, sous chef, etc.

Hombre Simple Chic de Calle Activo Casual/Diario Para Todas las Temporadas Camisa,Escote Redondo Un Color Manga Larga Algodón Rayón Fino 5893774 2017 – $41.272

Hombre Casual Diario Fin de semana Primavera Otoño Camisa, Cuello Inglés Un Color Manga Larga Algodón Rayón

Delantal del dril de algodón y cuero del orillo por PAULAKIRKWOOD

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Romulo Chef Jacket- Black does anybody no where I can get 1 of these chef jackets from it will compliment my business very nicely