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a dog looking through a fence with a caption above it that reads, discupe sefor, equies done necessitata un pero
a dog with a tattoo on it's leg next to an image of a cat
two puppies playing with each other on the floor
Obvio que se besar
an overhead view of a parking lot filled with lots of cars
a man and woman laughing together in front of a wall with pictures on it
three women in scrubs are smiling and posing for the camera with their headscarves wrapped around them
Es muy difícil 😞
#humor jaja
a piece of paper that has been drawn with colored pencils on it and the caption
Si el slime 🤨esta bien hecho 🙄no se te debe pegar en el pelo 🧑‍🦲
an image of the little mermaid with red hair and green eyes, in spanish language
Mi cabello cuando se seca