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Luna Tucumana
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Cojines Para Decorar... ¡Los amarás!

easy way to get the instant boho feel: Mix and match vibrant colors and intricate patterns with a smattering of pillows in your reading nook. And don't forget the tassels--like the multicolored ones adorning Pier Boho Tassel Pillow.

John Lennon por Andy Warhol

John Lennon The lead singer for the Beatles enjoyed a successful solo career after the Beatles disbanded before his untimely assassination. He campaigned for the end of the Vietnam War and for peace between the US and Russia during the Cold War.

Puede que nombres como el de Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein o Benjamin Franklin te suenen más que el de Rosalind Franklin, Lise Meitner o Barbara McClintock. Todos ellos tienen algo en com&u

How Astronomer Jocelyn Bell Burnell Shaped Our Understanding of the Universe by Discovering Pulsars, Only to Be Excluded from the Nobel Prize