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Los rollos de papel higiénico son elementos de uso cotidiano y cuando los terminamos suelen acabar siempre en la basura. Hemos encontrado

These Super Cute Toilet Paper Roll Animals are just adorable. This easy kids craft idea is sure to keep the little ones busy for hours.

Arte con los rollos de papel higiénico.

Art of the Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet Paper Rolls Squished into Funny Faces by Junior Fritz Jacquet. Another use for the toilet paper rolls I collect for org projects!

Junior Fritz Jacquet - toilet paper tube masks

While most people will look at depleted toilet paper rolls and go, ‘NOOOO!’, Paris-based artist Junior Fritz Jacquet sees art! Having been a fan of paper –

5 Awesome toilet paper roll crafts | BabyCenter Blog

5 Awesome toilet paper roll crafts

Rip a small peace at the back on both sides and then push them forward to make ears

Bored in the bathroom. This guide will show you how to make faces with empty toilet paper rolls. You can experiment and come up with your own.

Новые домовые фото 2

Новые домовые фото 2

cardboard roll by Junior Jacquet

Jacquet Fritz Junior: Arte con rollos de papel

My son is saving toilet paper rolls.he would love these toilet roll tube faces. Add coat-hanger bodies and scrap paper clothes.

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