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a table with some crayons on it and a book about food the bat
Bat Week Activities and Crafts for Kindergarten and 1st Grade
a collage of photos with the words,'not school bear balance relay '
Tot School: Bears - Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten
paper plate turtle craft for kids to make
some paper plates are sitting on a table with green leaves and turtle heads painted on them
Pet Turtle Paper Craft for Preschoolers
an alphabet matching game with bears
Hibernation Preschool Alphabet Letter Matching Activity
a child playing with bear hunt match and sort
Toddler Tuesday: Rainbow Bear Hunt
a book with writing paper on top of it next to pencils and an eraser
Hibernation Craft Activity for The Snowy Nap
four paper plates with different colored gummy bears in them and the words yellow, red, green, blue
Literature Based Kindergarten: Bear Snores On