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the ear is cut out to make it easier for children to learn how to read
line art
a child is drawing with crayons on sand paper
Coloring on Sandpaper Activity for Toddlers
three different colored brushes are shown with the words painting with sound
My 5 Senses - Activities and Printables
Montessori, Sensory Play, Sensory Bins, Sensory Bottles, Sensory Boxes, Sensory Crafts
Sensory Smell Bottles
an image of what makes sound with text overlay that reads, what makes sound?
What Makes Sound?
an image of popcorn with the words, my five sensees and popcorn
sound effect id game for kids with pictures and words to help them learn how to use it
Amazing 5 Senses Activities
this is an easy and fun activity to teach children how to use popcorn
My Five Senses and Popcorn- Preschool Observation Mini Book Printable
some oranges are in baskets on a table with the words sense of sound matching activity for preschool
5 Senses Activity - Sound Matching
two handprints with children's drawings on them, one has a face and the other has hands
a child's hand on the edge of a piece of paper with text that reads texture collage process art for preschoolers
Five Senses Texture Collage Process Art - Modern Homestead Mama
a plastic container filled with lots of different types of items next to a sign that says hard and soft
rough smooth – Playhood
the five senses sorting mats with pictures and words to help students learn how to use them
5 Senses Sorting Mats