Transportation GR Level I

Speedy motorcycles zip by. Trucks carry heavy loads, and trains carry people going to work.

Capstone All About Dinosaurs Series, 6 Titles GR Level G

Velociraptor (All About Dinosaurs) by Daniel Nunn


Books in this low level series take children on a tour of sights, sounds, and actions from around the globe.

True or False? Weather

Each book in the True or False? series uses a selection of fun true or false questions to get readers thinking about what they know about a range of Early

I Can Take Turns

Books in this series look at some of the essential skills and behaviors that children need to develop in order to successfully interact with their peers.

Construction Vehicles 6-book series from Capstone. GR Level G

Dig and scoop! Here comes a backhoe. Large, colorful photographs and easy-to-read text gives young learners an up-close look at their favorite construction vehicles.

Living and Nonliving Capstone Series, 6 Titles GR Level H

How can you tell if something is living or nonliving in the rain forest? Children reading this book explore a stunning rain forest habitat while learning how

Animal Colors

The scarlet ibis is red because of the shrimp it eats. The praying mantis uses green to hide in the leaves. Animal Colors will help readers understand that

You'll Love Puggles

The playful pug and the friendly beagle make up a Puggle. Find out why Puggles are great pets.

You'll Love Morkies

The silky Maltese and the spunky Yorkshire terrier make up a Morkie. Find out why Morkies are great pets.

You'll Love Cockapoos

The friendly cocker spaniel and the popular poodle make up a Cockapoo. Find out why Cockapoos are great pets.

You'll Love Chorkies

The sassy Chihuahua and the silky Yorkshire terrier make up a Chorkie. Find out why Chorkies are great pets.

You'll Love Chiweenies

The spunky Chihuahua and the hot dog Dachshund make up a Chiweenie. Find out why Chiweenies are great pets.

Comparing Bugs Capstone Series, 6 Titles GR Level I

Introduce readers to the exciting world of bugs. Each title uses simple text and vibrant photographs to introduce one important bug feature or behavior.