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an open book sitting on top of a table next to some buttons and magnets
15 Art Projects for Kids That Will Inspire Their Creativity
Treasure Chests Our kids' art projects make it easy for children to create beautiful crafts all by themselves. Here's a simple way for kids to store their collections: Accordion-fold a strip of paper, and glue the first and last pages to the inside of a box's lid and bottom. Keep some pages empty so the collection can grow.
four pieces of paper with orange thread on them
Bookbinding Techniques
In case anyone is interested in bookbinding options, here some links that might be of use: In bookbinding, a dos-à-dos binding (from the French meaning “back-to-back”) is a binding stru…
a hand holding some type of paper with letters and numbers on it's sides
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Molespobre: Moleskine tutorial using cheap materials
instructions for how to make an easy japanese bed
Basic japanese binding tutorial (Tutorial básico de encuadernación japonesa)
Basic japanese binding tutorial (Tutorial básico de encardeção japonesa) More
several different types of notebooks and papers stacked on top of each other with the same logo
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
Love these creative binding solutions for #booklets and #brochures
several books stacked on top of each other with gold and black bindings in the middle
Elbel Libro
Looking for a new binding technique? Check out the Onion skin binding by Benjamin Elbel!
a person holding a small piece of paper with pins attached to it and writing on the side
Worktable Weekly – Headband Training – Hilke Kurzke
headband tutorial by Hilke Kurzke (english and german) also various tutorials on this side
an open notebook sitting on top of a table
Graphic Design image inspiration on Designspiration
Might be a great idea of displaying art at shows- easily removable
the diagram shows different types of stairs and railings, as well as how to use them
Secret Belgian Binding
Feeling Bookish 2010: Secret Belgian Binding-- long explaination
an image of red, white and blue papers stacked on top of eachother
Handmade Notebook Tutorial! I make these all the time, super fast and so easy!
two pictures one with an open book and the other with a hand holding it up
Watercolor French Link Stitch Journal aka The Barnacle Book
Watercolor French Link Stitch Journal - The Barnacle Book « In the Studio with Ruth Bleakley
a book binder with the words, book binding tutor written in black on it
book binding tutorial
an open book with red and orange designs on it, next to a hand holding a pen
Red Leaf French Link Stitch Journal
Red Leaf French Link Stitch Journal handmade by Ruth Bleakley - great gift for a writer!