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two hands are working on an art project with watercolors and paintbrushes
Clare Day-Silvestro on Instagram: "I’ve been a bit MIA for a few months!! We bought a new house and moved just before Christmas (yeah great timing!) and then of course there were the school holidays and then trying to get back into some kind of routine…. Life is HARD!! I went to make a new watercolour book and didn’t have anything inspirational to cover it with, so thought I’d make something yummy… I will be back with more regular stuff in the next few weeks. I’ve missed my art routine. #Cdsabstractart #gelliart #gelliplateprinting #gelprintbasics #gelliprintingtutorial #gelliprinting #basicsofgelliprinting"
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Mary Ann Testagrossa ✨ Lino Print ✨ Block Printing on Instagram: "✨GEL PRINTING✨ with stencils. I wanted to share with you what I have been working on the last two days in my studio. I’ve been making more one of a kind prints with my gel plate and acrylic paints. This is one of my favorites from the last two days. I tried my best to video this process for you. As you can see, this print has three layers of color. You start with a solid base, in this case the purple. Let that dry completely. Then add paint to the plate for the second color, the red. Place your stencil on top and rub. The more you rub the better for getting into the small details of the stencil. Lift your paper and let it dry. Roll out your next color on the plate. Place your stencil. Drop the paper and rub. You can do a
Let’s print shells and rocks
#gelpress #gelplate #gelprinting #monoprint
Creating collage paper
I am addicted to my gelpress!! For the last year or 2 I have been usint this to create my collage papers.
How to Use Your Gelli Prints
Dive into a world of endless possibilities with Susan McCreevy! 🎨 Wondering what to do with your stack of Gelli prints? Susan spills the secrets on protecting and unleashing your creativity. From St. Ives frames to floating frames, gloss, UV varnish, and Yes Paste magic – she's got you covered. Learn how to turn prints into canvas masterpieces, baby board books, and even jewelry! 📚💍 Susan's expertise shines as she shares tips on preventing paper discoloration, framing hacks, and exclusive courses. Don't miss this paper-perfect episode – it's a creative game-changer! 🌟 Click the link to watch the full video!
Alcohol Ink Printing on Gel Plate #gelplateprint #alcoholinks #mixedmediaarts
Difficulty: Medium Supplies • Alcohol Inks • Roller • Gel Plate
Gel Plate Printing Metallic Ombré with Transparent Pull
Creating invisible layers on a Gelli plate
Invisible layers on a gel plate! A few tips… 1) Create any kind of marks on the Gelli plate. 2) Allow your marks to dry. 3) Roll the matte medium on to the plate like regular paint. Add your paper and press and pull the print. Have fun!💥🎉🎨 Click the link for more detailed info on my blog.
Collage image transfer
Collage made from pages from Vogue magazine then transferred onto the gel plate to create a gel print / monoprint.
Gelli Printing Techniques On Paper
Gelli Printing Techniques with masks on paper. #gelliprinting #abstractart Visit my Youtube Channel, Mixed Media Art by Trina, for more videos.
Magazine Gel Plate Transfer
The trickiest gel printing technique
Double exposure image transfer #gelprint #monoprint #gelliplate #gelpress #printmaking
the words, 600 gel printing ideas for beginners are in front of some art supplies
Gel Printing Resources, Techniques & Tutorials - Carolyn Dube
The best colors for gel printing
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Gel printing step-by-step | Perfect for beginners
Gel printing step-by-step | Perfect for beginners
10 Surfaces To Gel Print On
Did you know you can gel print on almost any smooth and slightly textured surface? Try monoprinting on tissue paper, canvas, napkins, wood, cardboard, tape, found paper, fabric and even feathers with your Gelli Arts® printing plate. Follow along with artist Giovanna Zara as she prints on all of these surfaces in this step-by-step video tutorial
GEL PRINTING, magazine image transfer technique
Difficulty: Medium #gelpress #gelprint #printmaking #monoprinting Supplies • Gel printing plate • Acrylic paints • Rubber brayer • Magazine • Paper