Colombia - La Piedra Del Penol en Guatape  675

I've been on top of this rock! La Piedra Del Peñol, Spanish for "The Rock of Guatapé", also known as El Peñol Stone or simply as La Piedra is a massive rock located in the town and municipality of Guatapé, in Antioquia, Colombia.

La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia. Been there during my college years! - Find out why we love Colombia:

La Candelaria is a historic neighborhood in downtown Bogotá, Colombia. It is the equivalent to the Old City in other cities. The architecture of the old houses, churches and buildings has Spanish Colonial, Baroque and art deco styles.

Bogota, Colombia.....La Candelaria HDR by messiahy, via Flickr

\'La Candelaria, the old quarter of Colombia's capital, is replete with cobbled .

Cali, Colombia - Must go.

Colombia a paradise in South America, so full of beautiful women, magical places and the best coffee in the world!

Marlon Moreno

Marlon Moreno

Marlon Moreno Beard Style

Marlon Moreno Beard Style

Know the reasons why Pablo Escobar enters a life full of crimes.

When Escobar – born in 1949 in Antioquia, Colombia, was still in school – he used to steal and sell tombstones to smugglers.