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a young man is pointing to the side with his finger while standing in front of other people
Logan y victoria justice Victoria, Celebrities, Celebs, Flawless, Photo, Beautiful, Famous
Logan y victoria justice
the big time rush poster is shown in multiple pictures
Big Time Rush Fan Art: Big Time Rush
Big Time Rush - big-time-rush Fan Art
someone has their fingers painted with photos of the faces of two men and one woman
BIG TIME RUSH this is amazing... can i do this please?
two shirtless men standing on stage with their arms in the air and one holding his hands up
carlos penavega & james maslow; big time rush
four different images of the same man's eyes and nose, with one looking up at the camera
Big Time Rush, WOW!
four young men standing in front of a black and white background with the words, big time rush
Big Time Rush! I LOVE YOU BIG TIME RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!
two people sitting at a table with food in front of them and the caption that reads, you should stop feeding me dinosaur shaped chicken
Big Time Rush
Big Time Rush we love you to big time rush Best Boyfriend, Crazy Stupid Love, Love Of My Life, Eric Dane, First Love, Best Love, Dude
Big Time Rush we love you to big time rush
two pictures of the same person in different outfits, one is wearing a red jumpsuit
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Big Time Rush beginning and end :'( I'll miss them... BIG TIME!!
four different images of the same person in front of a camera, one with a helmet on
Big Time Rush, I will miss the show and their music for a very long time :(
the many faces of one direction pop star, person from twilight saga breaking dawn and twilight
Watching the new episode of Big Time Rush with the kids
two men in lab coats with one saying what are you doing tonight? besides me
big time rush pick up line I think this is the best ever!!!!
four different pictures with the same person holding up their t - shirts in front of them
Big Time Rush sooooommmmmmmeeeeeeedddddddaaaaaayyyyyy