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a close up of a person wearing a jacket and looking at the camera with a serious look on his face
Slam smiled at her. When the young man was done stitching the wound, Slam stood and pulled his T-shirt back on. Max suddenly appeared behind him and crawled up on his back and watched as Slam fixed a few of the feathers on his arrow. Max took Slam mask from around his neck and put it on over his eyes.
Dylan Sprayberry as Brent Austin - visual inspiration for bestselling author Angela M. Shrum's upcoming novel, A Burst of Flames (Flares)
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Dylan Sprayberry as young Clark Kent in Man of Steel
a young man with blue eyes sitting in front of a chain link fence
dylan sprayberry teen wolf
!!! I had no clue that Dylan Sprayberry played young Clark Kent in Man of Steel! That is 1 of my all-time favorite movies and now it's like 292729728324% better!!
a young man with black hair is staring at the camera
This is the guy who plays the 13 year old Clark Kent in the Man of Steel movie. You can't see it here, but his eyes are this really bright blue. And at this part in the movie my mom said he would be perfect for Will Herondale, if he was just a few years older. I agree. Look him up his name is: Dylan Sprayberry.
a young man with a superman t - shirt on
Daddy (Gay)
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Dylan Sprayberry as young Clark Kent in Man of Steel