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a drawing of a woman holding a cell phone to her ear with the words hey me, sento mai y esta bien on it
Ilustraciones sobre crisis existenciales que te pasan a los 25
a black and white photo with the words me encanta tenere en mivida
Me encanta tenerte en mi vida.
a woman holding a sign that says gay power, black power, women power, student power, all power to the people
Movilizacion ciudadana Asturias
a woman's chest with the words los ideales de beleaa lastman written on it
Imágenes te muestran lo que es ser mujer en nuestros días [FOTOS]
the mount rush memorial is one of many presidents'heads on display at the national monument
Mount Rushmore
Uno de los grandes emblemas de los EstadosUnidos. El monte Rushmore en Dakota del sur.
there are many presidents on the mountain with trees growing out of it's sides
10 of America's Most Beautiful Landmarks
the statue of liberty holding a torch in front of an american flag
Premium Vector | Statue of liberty with USA flag as background
a map of the united states with pictures of animals and places to see on it
Mapa de Estados Unidos con dibujos
Mapa usa
a yellow poster with the words no tienes que probar nadda a naddie
es viernes de dejar ir ✌️
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a green poster with the words mujer, you are hella worthy
Inspo via Viva La Bonita
two different pictures one with a child and the other with an adult in front of them
memes con sabor a awa de uwu
an image of people holding signs in spanish and english with the caption'844 v vos pensando que es una moda moja
a woman holding up a sign in the air
a drawing of a woman's face with words above her head in spanish on a pink background
¡Somos libres! on Instagram: “✨Androcentrismo✨ El androcentrismo es la visión del mundo que el género masculino se sitúa como el principal en todas las cosas, que en la…”