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the train is going over the bridge and it says, train, speed up the world
As Time Goes By
by RaDesign
a purple and white web page with an image of a person using a tablet on it
Tracy Thompson User Persona
by JoAnn Manzella
an iphone with the text message on it and headphones attached to its display screen
Audio book
by Johny vino?
two people standing in front of a car with the words cross - country 2019 on it
Cross-country 2019
by AGT
two screens showing different time zones and the same time on each screen, one with a clock
2019 - Minimal World Clock App
by syedhaqil
an image of a web page that is blue and has different colored lines on it
Resize Components
by Diogo Kpelo
an image of a website page for the video game days gone, which features images of soldiers on motorcycles
PlayStaion Landing Page
by Murad Mammadov
the landing page for an app that is designed to look like a website
Pocket App Landing Page Freebie
by Abdullah Al Ahad
a woman in a white dress holding flowers and looking at the sky with a full moon behind her
by Tahorin Binta Jaman
two screens showing the same page as well as an image of people in different places
Landing pages for Diversity Abroad
by Justine Win Canete
an image of a website page with food items on it and the words, your goal for today
Gobeyond Fitness Web Application Design
by Masudur Rahman ?