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Niche or work desk?
Look how incredible this multifunctional piece of furniture is that can be used as a niche and also as a home office table 💙 Credit: @armandomoveisplanejados
a wooden table with a cup and saucer on it in front of a bookshelf
a wooden table with four different colored strips on the top and bottom edge, in front of a white wall
@合板 — ペーパーウッド合板
a grey and white nightstand with two drawers next to a plant in a pot on the floor
Bedside Tables
Wooden Table
the coffee table is made out of wood and metal
54 DIY home decor on a budget apartment ideas #apartment #budget #decor #ideas
there is a desk with a laptop on it
Tips for Living in Small Spaces
Tips for Living in Small Spaces - There is the need for extra space in every home; irrespective of the size of the home, the ability to maximize space is always welcome. Companies are downsizing the scope of their operations, homeowners are also going down the same path. Moving into a small home from a large home can be quite frustrating. Most people are usually at crossroads on what to bring with them and what to dispose off.
there is a computer on the desk in front of a brick wall that has been built into it
15 Incredibly Satisfying Space-Saving Furniture Designs
Podpad It’s multifunctional and saves space. The Podpad is a wall-mounted desk and storage unit that folds open for use as a workspace & holds your laptop, mail & desk junk plus it also houses a built-in sound system & charging station.
the table is made out of wood and has plants growing on it
Humor – theCHIVE
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