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an animal bone and bead necklace with a hammer stuck in it's end
Larp, Steampunk Gun, Steampunk Weapons, Steampunk Crafts, Steampunk Accessories, Nerf War, Nerf Gun, Cool Nerf Guns
Steampunk Gun NERF DIY Weapon
a person holding up a pink and purple object in their hand with flowers on it
a pink hair clip with pearls and beads on it's end, sitting on a white surface
Kawaii Knife
@mahouyoujo on tiktok
Marvel, Aesthetics, Baddies, Aesthetic, Bad Girl Aesthetic, Gun Aesthetic, Mor
IG: @jessaudreylynn uploaded by MiMi on We Heart It
Grunge, Fashion, Yandere, Girls, Girl, Ullzang, Hot
pink pastel aesthetic
Bijoux, Kawaii Clothes, Cute Pink, Kawaii Aesthetic, Cute Fashion, Kawaii Jewelry
Magical Shopping
a toy bow and arrow on a table
two pairs of scissors with pink glitter on them sitting next to some chains and other items
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