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a person holding up a book with pictures on it
pinterest @heartydef
a paper with some writing on it next to a pair of scissors and a roll of tape
🥟; ↳ an older bujo spread ! and happy april fools y’all 🤥 . #bujo #bulletjournal #planner #exojournal #btsjournal #muji #washitape #pens…
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study stress
study stress
someone is holding up an open book with pictures and stickers on it, while sitting at a desk in front of a laptop
Instagram on Instagram: “For Mia Ong (@studyng), bullet journaling pulled her out of a productivity slump. “I had problems catching up with schoolwork,” says the…”
an open notebook with two photos on it and a pen sitting next to the cover
louise 🌿🌴🥒🐢🍀🍏 on Instagram: “finally a new post!! how are u guys?? im sorry for being so unactice omg but i have so much going on rn anyways this is really simple its…”
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—just a month late with this spread, no problem. lmao. this is a collab with @hannajournals! check o... #yooying
an open book with pictures and words on the pages that say, hello world music awards
last spread i'm posting for today! sorry for the spam guys here's a spread i made in april :)
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BTS Jimin ‘promise’ spread by ramengukk @yt
an open book with pictures of people on it and the words happy jamm day written in cursive writing