linda Ana . Cáceres

linda Ana . Cáceres

linda Ana . Cáceres
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Cerise chibi by Airinreika on deviantART

This is Cerise Hood from ever After High show. I did her in chibi style, long time since my last chibi hope you guys like it Cerise chibi

An other chibi from Ever After High, this time LIzzie Hearts, daughter of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in wonderland.


This is a chibi Duchess Swan, one of the characters from Ever After High. This is a comission so only the customer can use this image Hope you.:Ever After High:.

Hija De Blanca Nieves

Ok, so I'm a bit obsessed with Ever After High at the moment, so I had to draw Apple White. Hopefully, I'll get around to drawing Raven as well. APPLE WHITE - Ever After High