Vale Linares Chavarro

Vale Linares Chavarro

Vale Linares Chavarro
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becauseyoulovemebb: “ Episode of the Week - A Boy in a Tree ”

Bones, Dice

Book Tv, Platypus, Arrow, Bones, Crime, Television, Marvel, Television Tv, Duck Billed Platypus, Arrows, Dice, Fracture Mechanics

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“ Booth doesn’t have many people to talk to except his Bobble Head doll on the desk sometimes. ” Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz (Sag Foundation (x)

Young Guns, High Five, Modern Family, Biffy Clyro, Ben Howard, Gossip Girls, David Bowie, Mumford, Paramore, Gossip Girl

Kathy Reichs, Lab, Planets, Fangirl, Bones, Frames, Dice

Multifandom af but largely featuring Bones, Buffyverse, Shannara Chronicles, & Criminal Minds.