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an image of a cat dressed up as a ballerina in front of a painting
miauuuuuuu by lieschenmueller, via Flickr
three pieces of paper with watermelon designs on them sitting on a wooden table
ruby silvious art: Photo
four bags with different designs on them and tags attached to each bag that have teapots painted on them
Por qué no debes tirar las bolsitas de té - T Spain: The New York Times
several tags with fruit and vegetables painted on them
#WOMENSART (@womensart1) on X
an open notebook with stickers on it next to a marker and pen, along with two pens
Day 76/100: More dreaming in watercolor. Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to my last entry. One can never really anticipate how something will be received here on this platform so it's always both wonderful and also a little terrifying when people say they love something you've made. Hope your weekend has been wonderful! #100dayproject #the100dayproject #100daysofsummersketches
three different colored pencil drawings of people's faces and hands, each with their own image
Prismatic Sketches of Hands and Faces by Lui Ferreyra — Colossal
lineas al dibujar
an open notebook with colorful drawings on the cover and in front of it is a drawing of two rabbits
Drawings of Dresse for sale