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Chinese actress Ni Ni

Actress Ni Ni is paired with a group of males for Cosmo Bride’s anniversary special – model Zhang Liang, pianist Li Yundi, enterpreneur Chen Ou, singer Zhang Jie, and actor Bai Ke.

Francoise de Felice - Fleur de pevoine

Françoise de Felice, descendant of an Italian father and French mother, was born in Paris where she lived until she was 20 years of age. As a child Françoise de Felice was introduced to art by her grandmother.

Hope Gangloff, “Salome (detail)”, 2009. Acrylic/canvas, 90” by 48”. Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC.

Hope Gangloff, “Salome (detail)”, Acrylic/canvas, by Susan Inglett Gallery, NYC. [ ukiyoe + canvas = so modern…!