Photography - Short Visual Stories (BW)

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Adolphe Braun

Adolphe Braun was one of the most influential French photographers of the century, best known for his floral still lifes.

Lauren Semivan - ‘Observatory’

Lauren Semivan's series 'Observatory' – "ghosts of previous drawings create a sense of time suspended, evoking gesture, atmosphere and memory…

Anup Shah - ‘The Mara’

Anup Shah - ‘The Mara’

Huntington Witherill - 'Orchestrating Icons'

Huntington Witherill - 'Orchestrating Icons'

Jean-Michel Fauquet

Jean-Michel Fauquet draws with darkness compositions of still lifes, landscapes and portraits as an invitation to a game of mental .

Robert Pufleb and Nadine Schlieper - 'Alternative Moons'

'Alternative Moon' – a project by Robert Pufleb and Nadine Schlieper with 42 unique photographs of our beloved natural satellite offering "an unusual space .

Flor Garduño - 'Witnesses of Time'

Flor Garduño's series 'Witnesses of Time' – capturing the spirituality of the Indian cosmos as a unique perception of time where past, present and future .

Charles Grogg – ‘Pictures of Film’

Charles Grogg's series 'Pictures of Film' – the idea of the landscape as internal imagery: quiet, honest and transparent.

Jeffrey Conley – ‘Winter’

Jeffrey Conley's series 'Winter' – capturing in a meditative simplicity the magic of pure white of snow and the silent frozen beauty of winter.

Helene Schmitz – ‘Kudzu Project’

"I see photography as a way of dealing with time and transience – which is a fundamental theme in my images.

Kenro Izu – ‘Bhutan’

Kenro Izu's series 'Bhutan' – black and white hand-printed platinum prints of portraits and landscapes shot between reveal the beauty of .

Beth Moon – ‘Portraits of Time’

Beth Moon's series 'Portraits of Time' - powerful portraits of the world's most ancient trees as priceless living wonders and magnificent guardians of .

Pieter de Vos – ‘Mandalas of Sand’

Pieter de Vos's series 'Mandalas of Sand' – telling the history of Nicaragua through stories of patterns created by sand

Robert Voit - 'The Alphabet of New Plants'

Robert Voit series 'The Alphabet of New Plants' – a beautiful way of presenting a man's eternal desire to conquer the nature – either by borrowing .

Laura Letinsky – ‘Time’s Assignation’

Laura Letinsky's series 'Time's Assignation' – a collection of black-and-white still lifes Polaroid to question the danger of "the act of looking back".

Alex Timmermans – ‘Storytelling’

Alex Timmermans's 'Storytelling' – using the century collodion wet plate process to create a series of narrative about magic, mystery and imagination .