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a palm tree with the words, porque para dios no hay nad impossibleble lucas 1 37
colorful umbrellas with the words sufficente written below them in black and white
the phrase vimos por fe no por vista is shown in pink and yellow on a black background
Vivimos por fe
the words are written in different colors
Más de Jesús, menos de mí.
an open book with daisies tied to it
Eclesiastés 3:11
a man standing in a field with his arms spread out to the sun behind him
a cross with the words in spanish and english on it, as well as an image of
two hands reaching out from the ground to touch a sheep's head in a forest
blue flowers with the words que ninguina sativacion apagie tu gracion
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a pile of leaves with the words, todo cambiaa excepto dios