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Like Mascotas

Like Mascotas
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Siempre en manada

Names for these two would be forme (For the sorrel) Ginger (girl) Zane (boy). (For the buckskin) Lady or Dutchess or Rue (girl) Zane Max Kato Aristocrat I'd have to think some more tho!

Un hermoso caballo

What breed of horse are you? Shetland Pony A whole lot of sass in one tiny package! The Shetland Pony may be cute, but look out! This pony is a trickster! He'll pull a cart and kids can ride him, but he'll just as soon steal your hat and play Houdini.

Una foto casual

Researchers are linking northern Minnesota’s rapidly declining moose population with climate change, and preventing the iconic animal’s extinction may prove exceptionally difficult.

¿Qué tal si me besas?

Llamas and Alpacas are Majestic Creatures