Salto de Tequendama #Colombia

Haunted Hotel Del Salto, Bogota, Colombia -- it's haunted because of all the suicides in the area. It's right next to the Tequendama Falls or El Salto Del Tequendama

Piedra de Peñol, Medellin, Colombia.

Discover El Peñon de Guatape in El Peñol, Colombia: A ten-million-ton rock once worshiped by the Tahamies Indians, accessed by an astounding staircase.

Cristo Rey - Cali - Colombia

Cristo Redentor Rio de Janeiro 4 - Christ the Redeemer (statue) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

San Andres has some of the most beautiful beaches we've seen anywhere: #sanandres #colombia

What to see and do in San Andres, Colombia