La Ciudad Perdida, Santa Marta, Colombia

Santa Marta, Colombia -- La Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City). Hidden (literally) in the crevices of northern Colombia’s Santa Marta Sierra Nevada mountain range, La Ciudad Perdida was built by the Tayrona people around 800 AD.

colombian bags

Colombian sheep wool bags handwoven by Arhuac Indigenous from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - COLOMBIA

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

The deep jungles of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta are fascinating and full of life. The UNESCO declared this amazing piece of land a biosphere reserve and world heritage site.

Villa de Leyva - Boyacá, Colombia

Amazing crafts in Villa de Leyva, Boyacá. Colombia is fammous for he colorful bags tht according to a legend for the first time were woven in Northern Colombia. Nowadays, they are a favorite souvenir of many international travelers.