colombian bags

Colombian sheep wool bags handwoven by Arhuac Indigenous from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - COLOMBIA

white Gothic cathedral, Ermita Church in Cali, Colombia

Makes my jaw drop everytime I see it! White Gothic cathedral, Ermita Church in Cali, Colombia.

Coffee, Colombia

If you come on Momenta Workshops' you won't only get to have authentic Colombian coffee, you'll also learn to use your for

Colombian Coffee 9

Pic by Neil Palmer (CIAT). Coffee cherries growing near the remote town of Balboa, in Colombia's coffee zone.

Christmas ducks in Cali, Colombia

Christmas decorations around the world

Christmas ducks in Cali, Colombia. Funny thing about Christmas in Cali is the put out all kinds of decorations near the rio de Cali that may or may not have anything to do with Christmas.