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A Ghibli tribute made for an exhibition dedicated to 30 anniversary of Studio Ghibli. Exhibition took place in Warsaw, in the Department of Information and Culture of the Embassy of Japan.

keep calm and get tattooed.

keep calm and get tattooed. Pretty much the motto for the rest of my life!


Mandala Foot Tattoo This one is my favorite, when the feet are put together, they form a beautiful dot work mandala! Love the ink and props to the person who handled getting the bottom of the feet inked guessing they weren't ticklish

#octopus #tattoo  what is it with me and octopus tattoos today?

Octopi are some of the most unique creatures to inhabit the Earth but there is one thing that we have in common with the underwater dwellers: we love ink. While an octopus will use its ink to scare off would-be. [ read more ]

Hayao Miyazaki

this is a parody of the famous Durarara ending "Trust me" featuring Studio Ghibli characters - more specifically characters from Studio Ghibli movies directed by Miyazaki

Este tatuaje fue un esfuerzo de colaboración entre Jean-Pierre y el artista de tatuajes Andy Kurth. | Este chico se hizo un tatuaje de Miyazaki y es mágico

Este chico se hizo un tatuaje de Miyazaki y es mágico

Amazing Miyazaki sleeve was a collaborative effort between Jean-Pierre and tattoo artist Andy Kurth. // oh man, i'm a sucker for a miyazaki tattoo.

Many ghibli movies combined!

A barely-there tattoo is able to look really classy. This tattoo appears so inspiring. A traditional moon tattoo is actually endearing.


As promised, we are giving you yet another sexy inked girl of the day Amanda Bo . See the latest photos in the album. Amanda Bo is one of the hottest female models with tattoos .

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Full color Totoro and the other big Miyazaki creations :'D would love to have this as a sleeve !