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sleeping in pines

Bloom in Winter

comingupstrong.blogspot.com/2009/05/interview-15-susannah... i'm fucking depressed--I hate all my damn photos. I'm so uncreative right now and I'm in France for god's sake! I haven't been able to think of a story idea/write a good poem in a year or so, and I can't think of any ideas for photos except for this one great idea that is stuck in my head--but i can't execute the idea until august! I have a notebook right by me and nothing--not a story or a photo, is coming. I don't know what's…


Delectable Decadence

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The appearance of things changes according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves. ~Kahlil Gibran, photo ~unknown

With Grace & Guts


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Childhood Trauma: 8 Misconceptions About Traumatic Experience By Támara Hill, MS ~ 8 min read

Childhood Trauma: 8 Misconceptions About Traumatic Experience

Trauma is a complex phenomenon that is intermixed with biology, environmental influence, and physiology. It's important that we all understand trauma.

~linen & lavender: L'Hacienda Uayamon

L'Hacienda Uayamon

~l&l is about a lifestyle...a way of looking at and moving through life. Home•Garden•Travel –sources, ideas, images and musings. —Welcome!


handcrafted in virginia

My mind often needs a vacation, this is a compilation of all the places it goes.