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Separador arcoíris fácil y bonito 💕 Organisation, Libretas Aesthetic, Ideas De Apuntes Bonitos, Journal Design, Journal Doodles, Bullet Journal Design Ideas
Idea de separador 🌈 (ib: _studymaf)
a drawing of a girl with purple hair and makeup on her face, next to a poster
a ladybug story book with markers and pencils
Apuntes lindos
a book with an image of a mermaid on it and some colored pencils next to it
a book with an image of harry potter holding a cat and two pencils next to it
Marcadas de cuaderno
a notebook with blue berries and the word fisac written in cursive writing
Física capa de caderno
a notebook with the words quti written in different colors and beakles filled with liquid
Portada para cuaderno de química
a printable calendar with the time and date for children to go on vacation in mexico