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an old book with two drawings on it
286 (Svenska folket genom tiderna / 1. Sveriges förhistoriska bebyggelse)
scanned image
a stone with an image of people on it
Norse-Viking Diet
Viking Drinking Scene
a rock with some writing on it
Medium Aevum - The runestone Gs 13 documents an early 11th...
The runestone Gs 13 documents an early 11th century Swedish Viking who died in Finland, perhaps during a raid. Photo by Berig. English translation by Henrik Williams 2005: “Brúsi had this stone erected in memory of Egill, his brother. And he died in Tafeistaland, when Brúsi bore long-spear (=battle standard) after his brother. He travelled with Freygeirr. May God and God’s mother help his soul. Sveinn and Ásmundr, they marked.”
a large rock with a drawing on it in the middle of some snow covered ground
Runsten Östergötland Sweden
a drawing on the side of a rock with a boat in it's center
Rune stone stock image. Image of characters, tourist, inscription - 1023831
Rune stone. A detail a swedish rune stone with a carving of a viking boat. (spar #Sponsored , #SPONSORED, #sponsored, #detail, #Rune, #boat, #swedish
a drawing of the letter u in black and white, with an ornamental border around it
Runestone U 167
» Runestone U 167
an image of some kind of art that is in the shape of a bookmark
Storlek och form på den försvunna runstenen U 530 inför rekonstruktion.
a black and white drawing of a snake on top of a rock with the letter c in it's center
Runestone Sö 33
a drawing of a pair of scissors on a piece of paper with writing underneath it
Runestone Sö 130
two pieces of wood and a comb are next to a ruler
Гребень в кожаном футляре. X в.