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the text on the screen reads, being attractive
Woman Is Sick And Tired Of Her Boss Blaming Her For The Hair In Customers’ Food, Dyes Her Hair Blue
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NeuWrite West -- Ask a Neuroscientist: Which neuroscience textbooks do we recommend?
What are the best introductory neuroscience books? Which ones would we recommend for the enterprising high school student, interested in learning about Neuroscience and it's principles? I list 4 textbooks and one non-fiction book, then (reminded that textbooks are really expensive), I add on an onli
Study Method to Get Consistent 2024
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Study Methods, Study Skills
a woman sitting at a desk with a keyboard and mouse in front of her is the text reminder for students
how to stay disciplined as a student
study , until you get tired.
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How to study without getting bored
- Gamify: Turn studying into a game with goals and rewards. - 2 Minute Rule: Start with just two minutes of focused study to overcome procrastination. - NSDR: Take short breaks for non-sleep deep rest to recharge when tired. - Pomodoro Technique: Use 25-minute study sessions with short breaks to combat distractions. - Distraction Notebook: Write down distracting thoughts to address overthinking and stay focused. #study #procrastination #university #student
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study table inspo <3
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it's hard but it's worth it
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