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Anna Holland / Dorje Designs - "Riot of Colour". Wide assortment of beads; Venetian melon beads, recycled powder glass beads from Ghana; and faux amber and horn beads from Ethiopia.

. . . identi chiC* ! ! !: ¿Es posible un estilo étnico-transglobal?

This colorful necklace is made of thousands of tiny antique beads from a Fulani woman’s waist belt. The Fulani are a nomadic tribe from Mali, and these belts were typically worn under the women’s skirts.

cycling finger print

Pedaling only in flat with rolling hills a lots just in FC letting traces in the way! Mix by my friend Andres Roudneff! My Spinning class today at Magnum City Club!

... and I've also come home to something like this... it's good to know Lucy isn't the only dog who seeks and destroys... :-)

This looks familiar. Adabella: um it was the cat? Meesh: we don't have a cat. Adabella: shhh she's buying it Meesh: she's not buying it

eindelijk de waarheid

cz for sure they have no idea what are they up too . These are the best of I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING and very confusing aswell .