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a black and white poster with lots of dots on it's sides, all in rows
Process(ing): Generative Irregular Grid
Process(ing): Generative Irregular Grid - MishaHeesakkers - Medium
the world's most detailed wiring diagram, with all kinds of electrical components and functions
pseudoscientific brain schema
an artist's rendering of a person standing in the center of a room filled with balloons
Mobilizarte | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building
Mobilizarte: Prefab Balloon Pavilion Will Travel Throughout Brazil Before 2016 Olympics
an artist's rendering of the interior of a shopping mall with people walking around
James Akers Architectural and Interior Design Rendering Services
Akers Architectural Rendering
a poster with different types of animals on it's back and the words la muert del los bedros written in spanish
SPOTLIGHT: Visualization of Dog Lady (La mujer de los perros), Nightingale
a pink room divider sitting on top of a floor next to a white wall
JOHN MCALLISTER - Artillery Magazine
an empty room with stairs and wooden floors
Stairs Design| Duplex O | Hervé Gaillaguet - Architetto
Duplex O | Hervé Gaillaguet - Architetto Hervé Gaillaguet, architetto parigino, ha affrontato sfide nell'adattare un appartamento nel 17° secolo alle esigenze moderne, rispettando le normative di conservazione e l'integrità architettonica. Ha collaborato con esperti e utilizzato materiali tradizionali, integrando soluzioni innovative per migliorare il comfort senza compromettere il fascino storico. Il risultato è un equilibrio armonioso tra antico e moderno. #Architecture #Architettura #HistoricBuildings #EdificiStorici #Conservation #Conservazione #ModernComfort #ComfortModerno #Renovation #Ristrutturazione #Sustainability #Sostenibilità
the inside of a dollhouse with furniture and walls painted orange, blue, green, yellow and black
Archiv DAM: Richmond Hill House
a room filled with lots of glass walls and lights hanging from it's ceiling
Gen-X Soft Club |
In photography and film, prevalence of bleach bypass, cross processing, “Lomo effect”, and other color grading trends.
a cityscape with skyscrapers and palm trees in the foreground at sunset