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Cool infographic on Greek Gods - Imgur

Cool infographic on Greek Gods

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Keeping Her Keys - Psychology, Goddess | Keeping Her Keys

Dr. Cyndi Brannen merges psychology, spirituality and the wisdom of the goddess in her teaching and writing. She leads Covina: The Keeping Her Keys Soul School.

I am pretty sure this is Parvati, the Hindu Goddess of Power. Parvati is Shakti, the wife of Shiva and the gentle aspect of Mahadevi, the Great Goddess.


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Lajja Gauri.Bhaktapur. Nepal. Malla | Flickr - Photo Sharing!   Doesn't quite meet the criteria of a Sheila na Gig and is positioned like the sirens except with feet instead of twin tails.  The baby is an interesting addition AND , as a female in the same pose as the mom!  bg~

Lajja Gauri.Bhaktapur. Nepal. Malla

Isis with a Serpent Tail    Egypt, 2nd century AD    The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Spiritual wickednesses in high places

Isis with a Serpent Tail Egypt, 2nd century AD The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

God of the Week: Rhiannon

God of the Week: Rhiannon

God of the Week 04/12/2010: Rhiannon Stevie Nicks may not have worshiped her, but the ancient Celts did. She was a goddess of horses and had a haunting story of a stolen child. One day Pwyll sat on…

goddess with owl on shoulder - Google Search

Arianrhod In Celtic Paganism

Some may or may not know of this Celtic deity known as Arianrhod. She's considered to be Welsh Origin and many still follow her to this very day. Though that number many not seem to be as high as some of the other Celtic Goddesses. Arianrhod is a...

Goddess on Lion throne is abundant in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Canaan/Israel.  This is from a Phoenician scarab, showing a throned lion with wings.  She offers benediction to supplicant, under winged sun and planet Venus.

Lion-Throned Goddesses of West Asia – Veleda

The Goddess on a Lion Throne is abundantly attested in the archaeology of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Canaan/Israel. First we’ll look at some Phoenician scarabs showing lion thrones, often wi…

mother Kundalini

la symbolique du caducée

Le terme caducée trouve son origine dans le sanskrit kàrù signifiant chanteur, poète. Il est repris par le grec dorien sous la forme kerux, “héraut” ou “messager officiel”, personnage important lor…

Ireland's bizarre genital sculptures revealed in new map | Daily Mail Online

Ireland's bizarre genital sculptures revealed in an interactive map

The bizarre sculptures of naked women exposing their vulva, found in medieval tower-houses, church sites and holy wells across Ireland and parts of the UK, have puzzled historians for decades.