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a black and white drawing of a woman's face with lines on the wall
three drawings of men's faces on a white wall
art design kitsch ...
wire painting by Fiona Morley
Warehouse_Portraits6 by Bitches Who Brunch, via Flickr Secondary School Art, High School, Art Studios, Art Club, Local Artists, High School Art, Art Room
Warehouse Bar & Grill Brunch
Warehouse_Portraits6 by Bitches Who Brunch, via Flickr
an art work with many different faces on it
ann symes
marisa-ramirez: arlene morris
an abstract painting with black and white lines on green circle in the center, against a beige background
Heather Day
Things We Say #2 | Heather Day
a wall that has many different pictures on it
Kunst Magazin online
two pictures side by side, one with a cross stitch pattern and the other with an embroidered design
Hannah Claire Somerville Shows 1 Year of Life Through '1 Year of Stitches'
1 Year of Stitches by Hannah Claire Somerville
a woman with purple and gold makeup is dressed in a mardi gras costume
Leigh Bowery
leigh bowery, by werner pawlok, 1988