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La dieta para bajar 10 kilos en una semana que te presentamos a continuación, es una estricta guía de alimentación que te permitirá perder peso. Lunes: Desayuno: tomar un yogur con cereales, todo descremado e integral, evita el azúcar. 1 rebanada de pan integral sin mantequilla 1 tajada de qu…

Two years ago, Aubrey Johansen weighed 350 lbs and was told she had 15 years to live, which would be fine if she were pushing At the time, however, Johansen was only and she was dealing not only with the health effects of her.

hannahreveur — I really love the way you take your notes and I...

Anonymous said: I really love the way you take your notes and I saw your new post where you talked about writing in a new format. I was curious because I really need motivation for my AP finals, but.

reviseordie: “ - Core text/wider reading revision for my exam on Wednesday. Haven’t posted notes like this in so long. Hopefully a sign of things to come!

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raspstudying: “ - So i promised to post the ready one, here it is! :) Im happy with it. I spent the whole day with the digestive system but now i feel quite confident about knowing it.