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APH - Spain & ChibiRomano ((LSJFORXGDPQIYS SO CUTE!!!))

Cute fancomic featuring Romano and Spain (little Lovino and Antonio) - Art by Nori (peco) Hetalia :)》the wittle heart his curl made

This appeals to the meanest aspects of my INTJ personality and made me laugh, but thankfully I don't actually do this as much these days...

For me (an INTP) and my friend (INTJ), we are just the opposite, and usually we do it to each other so it is so much fun.

Remember how Quirrell's turban always smelled of garlic?

Remember how Quirrell put garlic in his turban and everyone thought it was because he was scared of vampires.


actually, a scene between Severus and Harry is the first thing that came to my mind. I guess I'm the second type of person