Positive thought

Focus on what matters and stay positive. Good things will happen once you surround yourself with positive things in life.

Sky, palm tree... just smile.

SMILE I took this photo last night, then thought the palm tree looked lonely. Much better now :) ©Goldfish Kiss - Prints more available here :)

Flowers, laces and... yeah, fuck you!!

Santiago based illustrator Fab Ciraolo takes pop icons, models and superheroes and illustrates them with a modern and fashionable twist.

Flowered tiger

This would look awesome as a half sleeve tattoo. *sigh* maybe sometime in my future. tattoo Tattoo Design by Ien Levin Beautiful tattoo


💞 The power of positive thinking. Anyone who knows me well knows I've always been a moany whinge bag and that's got me nowhere in life. Since thinking positive and quitting the whinging life has got infinitely better! 💞 PMA for me from now on!