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The deep jungles of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta are fascinating and full of life. The UNESCO declared this amazing piece of land a biosphere reserve and world heritage site.

Ciudad Perdida ("Lost City") is the archaeological site of an ancient city in Sierra Nevada, Colombia discovered by non-locals in 1972.  It is believed to have been founded around the year 800 ACE, some 650 years earlier than Machu Picchu.  This particular location is also known as "Buritaca"; or, "Teyuna" by the natives.  The Kogi (among other tribes) claim this city as their origin place.

La Ciudad Perdida (the lost city) en Sierra Nevada , from the Tayrona Empire. Our Sierra Nevada Gourmet Single Origin Coffee from this region has some exquisite chocolate notes due to this magnificent region's soils.

Colombian Wool Mochila Bag TUTU by the Arhuaco Tribe of the Sierra Nevada Colombia

Colombian Wool Mochila Bag TUTU by the Arhuaco Tribe of the Sierra Nevada Colombia.

Parque Nacional Tayrona, Colombia

Old Europe - Spain - Galicia - Cies Islands. Sure it is not a caribean island, but better.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Magdalena, Colombia

November 13 – Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupts, killing an estimated people, including killed by lahars in the town of Armero, Colombia.

Merecumbe Hotel - Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

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Mochilas Arhuacas, Sierra Nevada, Colombia

The Arhuaca mochila is a popular artisan bag in Colombia.