Laura Lievano

Laura Lievano

Laura Lievano
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Reiki Healing Art, Chakra Angel, Energy Wall Art "Empowerment"

Empathy is a rainbow angel art original print in my reiki energy art line of chakra wall decor. This chakra healing wall decor would be a beautiful addition to a meditation, yoga, healing room, or any room in the house or office of the person look.

Seduction (red around) ~  I saw this last night from Phoenix, bit of concern seeing this beautiful moon~my Moon! so red.... /=  *with hopes for clarity tonight ♠

“Darkness held a vague terror for these people, even the bravest among them. Children were warned not to whistle at night for fear of evil spirits. Dangerous animals became even more sinister and uncanny in the dark”

Chakra Art Energy Healing Reiki Angel Wall Decor

Healing Hands is red and green heart chakra angel print in my reiki energy healing line of angel wall decor. This red and green angel art print would be an uplifting and healing wall decoration in a meditation room, yoga studio, reiki healing room.