Hermosa blusa

so into tie-neck blouses right now I have a black polka dot. What I love about this is how the tie hangs.

this color is so pretty

Sheer lavender button-up shirt, a skinny brown leather belt, and purple shorts.

Best. Shirt. Ever.

not only is it an elephant sweater. its a CREWNECK sweater. I would have an un-natural amount of fun with this sweater. how to w/ old sweater or 2 cheap ones.

Chaqueta de mujer de encaje. Rebajas ZP Benize

Short Lace Jacket with sleeve, Pocket tabs, sleeves hems and edges finished with matching woven fabric


Beautiful lace - Chandelier earrings - not actually my style but I really think it's beautiful

moda en trajes de oficina para dama

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