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an image of a pen and paper with the words specs vol 3 written on it
LamySpecs #Photocontest
the cover of specs vol 3 is shown with a pen and some other items
Lamy Specs. vol 3
a person is drawing an image with colored pencils and watercolor paints on paper
Dibujo a mano. Lamy
a person holding up a drawing in front of their face with leaves and flowers on it
Lamy Safari
an open calendar on top of a green table next to a red pen and marker
Lamy Special Edition
several different colored pens lined up next to each other on a white surface with one pen in the middle
Colorido Lamy
a fountain pen sitting on top of a table next to blue ink swirling around it
Tintas y colores Lamy
several pink and silver toothbrushes are lined up
Lamy Special Edition
a black pen sitting on top of a white piece of paper with writing in spanish
Lamy en Negro
Lamy Tinta Rosa
Lamy Tinta Rosa
a pink notebook with a pen on top of it
Lamy Special Edition
an open notebook with writing on it and a pen resting on top of the book
Lamy Safari
Tinta azul oscuro Lamy Studio, Design, Refill, Brand, Price, Fine Pens, Instruments
Tinta azul oscuro Lamy
a fountain pen with pink ink on it
Tinta Rosa Lamy