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purple flowers are growing in the tall grass
Quilt Nebraska 2023!
Quilt Nebraska 2023!
a colorful handbag sitting on top of a table
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an embroidered palm tree with red berries and green leaves
Bordando Martha Dumont Hand Embroidery Projects, Hand Embroidery A20
a large quilt is hanging on the wall above a dresser with flowers and vases
Luminosity Stars Quilt Pattern Download
a bed with a white bedspread covered in flowers and butterfly appliques
Romanticismo: mantas tejidas
a hand embroideryed picture on a white cloth with a gold frame and black thread
Recently discovered line art. I’ve become obsessed. It’s so easy to do, yet so beautiful. Made this for my boyfriend.
the embroidery is hanging on the wall and it shows two women doing yoga exercises with each other
Quadro yoga ou pilates - Bordado livre no bastidor | Elo7
an embroidered design with flowers and leaves on white fabric, showing the details of stitching
Flower detail from Guilds Banner – Embroiderers' Guild ACT
an image of some flowers on a black background with crochet stitchs in the middle
an embroidered flower is shown on a white cloth
Bordado Mexicano Kit