Cerveza Costeña  $1.800

Cerveza Costeña $1.800

Cerveza Redd's $1.800

Cerveza Redd's $1.800

Cerveza Aguila  $1.500

Cerveza Aguila $1.500

Cervez Poker  $1.500

Cervez Poker $1.500

Jugos naturales y Limonadas  $6.000

Jugos naturales y Limonadas $6.000

Jugos naturales Fresa, Mora y Naranja  $6.000

What a Pithy from Juice Master: 1 small pink grapefruit 4 oranges a pineapple ice

Malteada de Brownie  $5.000

Need to try some of these alchol infused milkshakes, YUM! Clinton Kelly made Boozy Shakes recipes from his upcoming book, Freakin? Try grasshopper, lemon twist, and bourbon caramel flavors.

Malteada Chocolate y Arequipe $5.000

By the early a milkshake had come to mean a drink made with ice cream and chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla syrup. shake really took off with the invention of the electric blender in