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La Maison Boheme: Rustic Open Shelving ~ The look of open shelving in a pantry or kitchen, but these rustic spaces take it to a whole new level. So simple and so beautiful.


keep your linen closet organized by neatly folding all linens and stacking them by item. Top Organization Tricks to Boost Small Bathroom Space from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod


Look close to see why I pinned this otherwise common mud room design. the shoe/boot racks! Three rods installed to place Your footwear on, so that the rain, mud, slush, snow. even beach sand! - can drip off and Your shoes can dry.

simple, clean, organized.

Here are a one of inspiration design Modern House with Modern Interior Style by Petra Bindel. Check out this lovely work by photographer Petra Bindel, for

the sky the clouds.

if you know me, you know I love pictures of clouds especially big, nice, fluffy ones. seeing this picture makes me want to dedicate a wall with nicely framed cloud pictures, but I won't overdo it.